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Name: Pj Ticsay|
Nickname: Pam|
Favorite food: Italian foods and Filipino foods

はじめまして。 __ I am a student of life| crazy sometimes| CPA in the making| fashion lover| music lover| been hurt but still fighting| been fall a thousand times but still standing|

I love to take pictures because it reminds me that I am becoming a better person as compared before. Pictures don’t lie. Every post made by yours truly, describes what I feel. I am not a fan of writing, but I am trying my best to describe my feelings. Wrong grammar doesn't matter to me, as long as I could explain what I feel. I love my life. I love my family. If you ever want me to follow your blog, just ask. And I would like to give credits to the owner of my re-blogs. And HEY YEAH! Just love me & i'll love you back and remember that whatever happens, HAPPENS.
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Sep 20 2013
Thank you so much Cyril! Sabi nga ni Maam Precious, #instalove #instaburger :D hahaha #TGIF #foodporn #love

Thank you so much Cyril! Sabi nga ni Maam Precious, #instalove #instaburger :D hahaha #TGIF #foodporn #love

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